G2G is a one-stop shop for partner governments to directly access New Zealand's state and private sector experts and organisations.

New Zealand knows first-hand the challenges of growing an economy and understands the need to implement practical solutions. These solutions can range from flexible but effective policy frameworks, to full scale hands-on implementation. 

A government-to-government partnership with New Zealand will focus on building state sector capability and capacity in your country, while enhancing bilateral relationships. Advances occur through joint-project teams which seek to build long term local capacity.

New Zealand is recognised globally for its stable and successful governing environment, which has delivered a prosperous and innovative society. Extensive de-regulation over several decades has reduced regulatory burdens and made New Zealand one of the world's most efficient, competition friendly economies with consistently high employment.

Ranking first in the world at ease of doing business (World Bank 2018), first in the world for lowest perceived corruption, a world leader in sustainability and one of the most peaceful countries in the world (Global Peace Index 2017), governments can have confidence that we are the most trusted partner in the world.

How New Zealand ranks for prosperity, corruption, innovation, GDP, etc. Source: MFAT 2018