Environment and conservation

Fully one-third of New Zealand’s land mass is dedicated to national parks.

New Zealand has successfully blended intensive agriculture and a booming mass-tourism industry with world leading outcomes in species and national park management.

Similarly, New Zealand’s $1b commercial fishing industry has been ranked number one for sustainability. This is linked to the successful operation of 35 marine reserves spanning vast swaths of New Zealand oceans. We can connect partner governments with New Zealand’s world leading expertise in environmental management across a range of areas including pest control services; tailored restoration programmes; species protection; water and air quality; water allocation management,;resource management; national parks management and eco-tourism.

New Zealand's seafood industry has been ranked the most sustainably managed fishery in the world, twice - Source: Seafood NZ and Ministry for Primary Industries, 2016.

New Zealand partners internationally in a range of areas, including:

  • Fresh water management including water sustainable management initiatives
  • Protection of endangered/native species, and approaches for measuring and managing plant and animal biodiversity promotion
  • Flora and fauna
  • Pest control frameworks
  • Eco-tourism, including commercial partnerships and concessions
  • Public-private partnerships in environmental management
  • Environmental education including maintaining productive soils
  • Advanced informatics, modelling and environmental data management

Examples of New Zealand solutions:

  • Destination framework management
  • Visitor counter & in-field data systems for up to date data management
  • Service standards
  • Hazard management
  • Environmental management systems, including governance and regulatory frameworks (laws, regulations, standards), national policy statements, community engagement and enforcement, dissemination of public information about health of the environment
  • Air pollution management
  • Sustainable Land Management systems (land erosion, water use efficiency) to assist in agriculture and forestry industries
  • Climate change adaptation - emission reduction: New Zealand has world-class environment solutions for sustaining low carbon economies including certification programmes; verification services; supply chain assessments; systems to measure environmental impacts and carbon foot-printing calculation software

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Environment Abu Dhabi has been working with New Zealand organisations and fisheries experts since 2013 to survey fish stocks, review current fisheries management measures, and more.