Working through New Zealand’s diplomatic network abroad, we partner with other governments to identify their specific needs.   

Bespoke solutions are then developed together, drawing on world-leading expertise across New Zealand’s state sector.  Implementation is key and is usually driven through joint New Zealand and partner government teams on the ground.

By 2050, global agricultural production will need to increase by 70 percent to feed a population that will grow from seven billion to nine billion.

Explore our areas of expertise further.

  • Agribusiness

    New Zealand has a global reputation for agribusiness and high quality food production systems.

    Uniquely, New Zealand is a highly successful developed country that relies on the trade of agricultural products to support economic growth. New Zealand’s agriculture sector operates without subsidies and relies on highly efficient small farms to drive agricultural output. Efficiency gains now enable New Zealand to feed a global population the equivalent of some 70 million people. This leading reputation for agri-business enables New Zealand to partner with countries looking for innovative systems and technology to meet the increasing demands for safe and secure supplies of food.

    By 2050, global agricultural production will need to increase by 70 percent to feed a population that will grow from seven billion to nine billion. New Zealand is emerging as a leading provider of agricultural technology solutions, including for countries that increasingly need to feed growing populations, and we are actively looking for opportunities to share our expertise. New Zealand’s geographic isolation has forced farmers to innovate in order to maximise agricultural and horticultural output. This has occurred through world leading science, efficient management and innovative marketing strategies. 

    Over a century of excellence in food production, agriculture and exporting has provided the base for New Zealand’s highly competitive and efficient primary production systems. New Zealand’s expertise in pasture-based production has made it the world leader in efficient and low cost conversion of pasture to protein, and the systems that surround it — from food safety to processing and logistics.  New Zealand’s pastoral farming system enjoys significantly lower capital and operating costs than other farm systems, and there are considerable opportunities to modify and adapt this to other climates and geographic locations.

    New Zealand’s expertise in the horticulture sector is similarly world-leading.  By a considerably margin, New Zealand continues to be the most efficient producer of many stone and pipfruit varieties, and a leading exponent of post-harvest handling and exporting.

    New Zealand farming and agri-business systems have been adapted for a range of countries and climates including Brazil, China, the South Pacific and Saudi Arabia.  New Zealand agri-business solutions, from herd improvement, software, pasture mapping and management, to farm automation equipment, can easily be integrated on-farm to maximise productivity and profitability. Recent services provided to international customers have included veterinary training, meat-processing regulation, the development of an innovative measurement tool for sap flow in trees, regeneration of a pipfruit sector and the introduction of improved animal genetics.

  • Disaster management

    New Zealand’s experience in emergency response and crisis management is sought after around the world.

    We are experienced in dealing with major national security crises – including earthquakes, volcanos, floods, mining and environmental disasters, cybersecurity threats, pandemic risks and major food safety crises.

    New Zealand partners with other governments to provide advice and assistance, and have so far helped countries across the Pacific, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia. G2G can provide a multidisciplinary team of senior public and private sector experts to deliver national security solutions.

  • Education

    New Zealand is recognised globally as a world-class education provider – we are experts at combining traditional principles with innovation and future thinking.

    New Zealand government agencies and education providers work with international partners to share our best expertise and skills across all aspects of the education system – from training programmes and teacher licensing, to implementing qualifications frameworks and outdoor education programmes.

    New Zealand is a global innovator, being the first to set up a national qualifications framework. Our education system consistently performs well against international benchmarks. All New Zealand universities are ranked in the world’s top three percent by QS World University Rankings, while New Zealand is ranked number one globally for ‘Educating for the Future’.

    New Zealand’s education sectors recognise the importance of kaupapa Māori – incorporating the values of indigenous Maori society.

  • e-Government

    New Zealand is a world leader in digital innovation, and has created a highly advanced digital economy.

    As an original member of the ‘Digital 5’, a network of the most advanced digital nations, we understand how technology and policies can help transform citizens’ experience of interacting with government. Other governments can partner with New Zealand G2G to access our experience and expertise in creating a digital economy.

    New Zealand has a strong strategic focus in digital innovation, and its online business registration system is ranked number one by the World Bank. Our e-government achievements have been recognised in the global rankings, placing us 6th for the UN E-Government Participation Index. The World Bank ranks New Zealand first for ease of doing business.

  • Environment and conservation

    Fully one-third of New Zealand’s land mass is dedicated to national parks.

    New Zealand has successfully blended intensive agriculture and a booming mass-tourism industry with world leading outcomes in species and national park management. 

    Similarly, New Zealand’s $1b commercial fishing industry has been ranked number one for sustainability. This is linked to the successful operation of 35 marine reserves spanning vast swaths of New Zealand oceans. We can connect partner governments with New Zealand’s world leading expertise in environmental management across a range of areas including pest control services; tailored restoration programmes; species protection; water and air quality; water allocation management,;resource management; national parks management and eco-tourism.

    New Zealand partners internationally in a range of areas, including:

    • Fresh water management including water sustainable management initiatives
    • Protection of endangered/native species, and approaches for measuring and managing plant and animal biodiversity promotion
    • Flora and fauna
    • Pest control frameworks
    • Eco-tourism, including commercial partnerships and concessions
    • Public-private partnerships in environmental management
    • Environmental education including maintaining productive soils
    • Advanced informatics, modelling and environmental data management.

    Examples of New Zealand solutions:

    • Destination framework management
    • Visitor counter & in-field data systems for up to date data management
    • Service standards
    • Hazard management
    • Environmental management systems, including governance and regulatory frameworks (laws, regulations, standards), national policy statements, community engagement and enforcement, dissemination of public information about health of the environment
    • Air pollution management
    • Sustainable Land Management systems (land erosion, water use efficiency) to assist in agriculture and forestry industries 
    • Climate change adaptation - emission reduction: New Zealand has world-class environment solutions for sustaining low carbon economies including certification programmes; verification services; supply chain assessments; systems to measure environmental impacts and carbon footprinting calculation software
  • Food safety

    New Zealand is one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of quality food, and a leader in food safety.

    We partner with governments around the world to share our expertise in food safety across the supply chain – from regulation to risk management and quality assurance.

    New Zealand exports its food to all markets around the world, and we understand how important it is for consumers to know where their food comes from, and how it’s made.

    Food manufacturing sectors in Australasia, the Middle East and Asia are partnering with G2G to access New Zealand’s food safety and quality assurance services.

  • SME development

    New Zealand is world-renowned for its expertise in fostering small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As one of the most innovative societies in the world, we’re a nation built on entrepreneurial spirit.

    New Zealand is ranked number one globally for prosperity. Making up 97% of New Zealand’s enterprises, SME’s with fewer than 20 employees contribute an impressive 26 percent to New Zealand’s economy. We are committed to helping other governments build a favourable business environment through our G2G Know-How partnership programme, covering all aspects of growing a small business. We lead the world for ease of doing business and SME development and can help link partner countries with our expertise.

  • Starting a business

    New Zealand makes it easy for anyone wanting to start a business. This is reflected in New Zealand’s number one ranking for ease of doing business.

    We can bring our experts together to help partner governments improve the ease of doing business in their own countries. G2G’s case study programme gives other countries an opportunity to tap into our public and private agencies and learn about our approach to improving the business environment. The programme is tailor made, and includes a broad range of solutions that helped New Zealand once again earn its World Bank number one ranking for Ease of Doing business 2017.

    After taking part in our case study programme, we also offer a step-by-step approach to introducing changes.

  • Tourism development

    Tourism is a leading driver of economic growth for New Zealand – our proven experience helps other countries harness their strength as a tourist destination.

    New Zealand’s spectacular scenery has earned our country a reputation as an international tourism destination, and we are experts in tourism development including eco-tourism and adventure tourism.We have a successful tourism development strategy that we share with other governments around the world. Our approach is holistic – spanning a broad range of assistance from policy change to technology. G2G brings together New Zealand's industry experts to work with other governments, to capture the full potential of their tourism sector.