NZ and Indonesian government representatives pose for photo

30 May 2019 

At the end of 2018, the New Zealand government, in partnership with the Indonesian government, committed funding towards helping Indonesia transform its public servant capability and to improve the quality of government services according to the needs of its citizens. 

New Zealand is ranked #1 in the world for Ease of Doing Business, with more than 70% of government / citizen interactions already happening via digital platforms. This makes New Zealand a world leading digital nation and also supports New Zealand’s number 1 rankings for Transparency. Indonesia ranks 73rd in the world in the latest report (2019) issued by the World Bank. 

The Indonesian government is committed to improving their ranking overall, and has seen an impressive climb from 114th in the world in 2014. This positive development is largely due to improvements being made in the business and investment climate. 

NZ and Indonesian government representatives pose for photo at presentation

Bringing together leading experts in digital transformation and Digital Government in New Zealand, G2G Know-How helped facilitate a joint initiative alongside New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). 

The Smart City/Ease of Doing Business capacity building project was held in Bandung and Jakarta in February this year, with the purpose of delivering a series of activities designed to build the capacity of local public service officials. Leading the discussions and sharing best practice were Creative HQ, Victoria University, Datacom, and Foster Moore. Key areas being discussed were: Micro-Credentials, a Design Sprint, Local Government CRM, and Business Registry. 

Close to 200 people attended each workshop including civil servants from various government agencies, academics and local entrepreneurs. 

Group photo of Ease of Doing Business meeting

"The seminar was a collaboration between West Java and New Zealand because New Zealand is the country with the highest index score (on Ease of Doing Business). That is why we want to learn from New Zealand,” says Iwa Karniwa, Regional Secretary of West Java.  The seminar and workshop was an opportunity for Indonesia, and West Java specifically, to evaluate its performance. “We want to learn from New Zealand so that we can help the Indonesian and West Java government to increase our Ease of Doing Business score. The workshop on the second day was used to identify West Java’s current problems and to come up with technical and practical recommendations.” 

“We are hoping that this partnership with the New Zealand government will allow us to reflect and learn from New Zealand’s experience. DKI Jakarta government is committed to fulfilling the needs of its people in the capital city by simplifying licensing to start a business, ideally using digital technology. We certainly hope that digital technology can help ease the process.” Atika, Nur Rahmania, Head of Communication. Informatics and Statistics, DKI Jakarta.