ESR aids and supports the many organisations that ensure people can trust the water supply. It works with authorities and communities by supplying advice and expertise on the management of drinking, recreational and waste water.

ESR offers reference laboratory services for the detection and detailed identification of bacteria and viruses that can cause disease. It also manages New Zealand’s Notifiable Disease Database, and supports government authorities to predict, identify and respond to actual and potential human biosecurity and public health threats.

ESR has the expertise to rapidly identify biological and chemical agents originating from biosecurity incursions, disease outbreaks, accidental contamination events or terrorist threats.

Its renowned forensic science services include:

  • crime scene scientists
  • drug chemists
  • physical evidence specialists
  • toxicologists and biologists to support justice and security sectors.

ESR’s knowledge of the presence and interpretation of DNA is used around the world. The organisation provides forensic science to the New Zealand Police and manages the DNA Profile Databank.

ESR’s experts work across a wide range of sectors to provide advice, services and research capability on exposure to radiation, performance assessment of radiation-protection equipment, and the measurement of low-level radiation and radioactivity. ESR has connections to, and strong working relationships with, global authorities in areas of radiation science and monitoring.

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