New Zealand Police is globally recognised for its award-winning policing excellence, community-sourced intelligence, crime prevention and mobile technology programmes.

The country operates a significant national and community policing service, with its 12,000 staff working from 371 community-based police stations. 

The agency has specialist skills in mobile-based policing, neighbourhood policy, intelligence, ethnic services, cybercrime and road policing. It also operates advanced ‘person of interest’ intelligence models for managing offenders and protecting potential victims.

Mobility has proven a key enabler, delivering one of the most agile police services in the world. Efficient use of mobile technology has freed up 30 minutes of productivity per officer per shift, or 520,000 hours a year. Over the last decade, New Zealand Police has transformed itself into one of the world’s most agile and productive police agencies through the use of more than 10,000 smart mobile devices, 34 dedicated neighbourhood policing teams, powerful advanced crime analytics, and investment in innovation.

New Zealand Police has proven capability in cybercrime investigations providing technical investigative assistance on electronic data and web-related crime, together with audio and video analysis. The agency has a strong focus on innovation and has commercialised its technology for the global law-enforcement market.

New Zealand operates a proactive approach to road policing, recognised by the World Bank as world leading in this area. Its ‘safe system approach’ is supported by both tactical and strategic intelligence to improve road safety outcomes.

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