Sixteen percent of the country’s electricity generation comes from geothermal. GNS Science has been at the centre of this industry for six decades. It provides a full suite of specialist scientific services to take projects from greenfields exploration to full production. 

GNS Science is a New Zealand government-owned research and consultancy organisation, with expertise in geothermal energy development, natural hazard mitigation, and the use of industrial isotopes.

A feature of its track record in the geothermal industry is the large number of energy developments it has assisted in the Asia-Pacific region. Allied to this work, is world-class expertise in petroleum geoscience and minerals. GNS Science provides the full range of earth science support to help with the discovery of oil and gas and other mineral resources.

GNS Science also has an active role in assessing geological hazards and advising on ways to mitigate their social, physical, and economic impacts. This ranges from helping to reduce the impacts of earthquakes on large infrastructure projects to working with coastal communities to improve tsunami preparedness. It also helps to build volcano monitoring programmes where island nations are threatened by active volcanoes.

The company also provides specialist support for fresh water and aquifer management. As part of these services, it has world-class analytical laboratories. Another area of expertise is air pollution monitoring and analysis. GNS Science employs nearly 400 scientists and has been supplying its services globally for over 20 years.

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