Consumers and Governments around the world are growing increasingly concerned with the safety and quality of food, and particularly with issues such as animal welfare, environmental impacts of food production, product labelling, sustainable farming practices and the presence of pathogens and contaminants in food. 

Significant food safety events and the growing global trade across the food supply chain have triggered more attention from regulators and end consumers who need independent proof that the products they buy are safe to eat.

New Zealand is home to AsureQuality, a leading provider of food safety and quality assurance services to the primary production and food manufacturing sectors in Australasia, the Middle East and Asia. Its international network of purpose-built laboratories offers a broad range of environmental and food testing for producers, processors, Competent Authorities, and the environmental and human health sectors.

It also carries out an extensive range of domestic and international accreditations and approvals which enables it to deliver independent audit, inspection, verification and certification against regulatory and retailer standards. Its team of auditors cover the livestock, horticulture, dairy, forestry, arable, seed, apiculture, food processing and retail sectors, applying specialist quality assurance knowledge at all points in the food supply chain and enabling its customers to meet market access standards.

AsureQuality has formed a Strategic Alliance with PwC to provide customers with innovative food safety and quality advisory solutions across the entire food supply chain.

As a specialist provider of proficiency services and reference materials, AsureQuality offers analytical benchmarking to more than 400 laboratories in 70 countries, providing independent assurance of accuracy and reliability in test results.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, AsureQuality has a purpose-built GMP facility which produces reagent kits for veterinary, food safety and human diagnostics. Having a small, expert team enables it to offer a flexible production process with fast set-up times, low minimums, expert quality control and technical support every time it contract manufactures. It also distributes specialist veterinary test kits for use in disease management programmes.

AsureQuality provides on going surveillance and rapid response services to biosecurity incidents which threaten New Zealand's ecosystem with exotic pest and disease outbreaks that have the potential to severely affect New Zealand's primary industries.

As a provider of food industry training, AsureQuality offer training programmes designed by their own food safety experts that reflect current international food safety best practice and standards.

Recent areas of service provided to international customers include:

  • establishing in market food testing laboratories to speed up turnaround times on results, allowing customers to get their products to market faster
  • establishing in market assurance services and delivering food safety audits across Europe, Asia and the Middle east for multinational customers
  • establishing in market training services, including being a recognised and approved training organisation in Singapore and delivering specialised food safety training across the Middle East and Asia.
  • establishing operations in Saudi Arabia by partnering with the well-respected local company 
  • entering into a collaborative arrangement with a multinational professional services company to offer food safety advisory services globally, from strategic to operational levels for regulators, organisations and companies
  • providing on going surveillance and rapid response services in the Pacific Islands, Asia and Europe to biosecurity incidents which threaten ecosystems with exotic pest and disease outbreaks that have the potential to severely affect primary industries 
  • training in Indonesia focused on building the technical capability of the Indonesian Authorities
  • completing and reporting on the United Nations (UN) Global Environmental Monitoring Scheme project involving over 70 underdeveloped countries 
  • meat inspection training in Brunei based on the world class meat inspection services delivered by AsureQuality in New Zealand.
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