As an island state, New Zealand has an inherent connection to the marine environment, and has established world-class policies and systems to sustainably manage its seafood wealth.

Covering more than four million square kilometres, New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is amongst the largest in the world. It is home to 16,000 recognised marine species, of which 130 are fished commercially. Seafood is a significant industry in this country, with 400,000 tonnes of catch per year.

New Zealand has an excellent reputation for sustainable fisheries management, which has given us a unique competitive advantage in premium seafood markets. A number of highly successful commercial fisheries and aquaculture enterprises operate in New Zealand, exporting 90 percent of their products and earning over US$1 billion each year.

Our expertise in fisheries management is based on a robust and thoroughly tested regulatory regime that is highly regarded by governments and fisheries organisations around the world. This regime aims to ensure that the aquatic environment and its habitats and species are sustained at levels that provide for current and future use.

Recent international partnerships involved developing and implementing a fisheries management regime, delivering information-gathering and data-sharing frameworks, and appropriate frameworks for ensuring compliance with a new fisheries regime.

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