The world’s energy demands increase each year as the global population and economy grows. Much of that energy comes from non-renewable energy sources, so maximising energy efficiency and conservation opportunities is vital for sustainable growth. 

The New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) was set up in 1993 to encourage, support and promote energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the use of renewable sources of energy. Its goal is to maximise the benefits from energy savings for all New Zealanders, and stimulate the uptake of both large- and small-scale renewable energy sources, where economical.

EECA has proven experience and know-how in programme design and delivery in areas such as marketing, public information, regulation policy, standards, quality assurance and funding. It has expertise in delivering:

  • large scale consumer-facing programmes
  • regulatory market interventions
  • vehicle fuel economy labelling (for new and secondhand vehicles)
  • voluntary product energy efficiency programmes (including Energy Star)
  • mass market behaviour-change initiatives across multi-media.

EECA also has experience in implementing programmes that target better energy management amongst businesses and encourage the uptake of renewable energy through audits, grants, technology demonstration, and case studies.

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