Following a successful trial in 2013, G2G was formed in 2014 to grow New Zealand’s portfolio of commercial ventures with other governments. 

G2G can connect governments with New Zealand government agencies, science, research and education institutes, and private sector participants; to access their know-how on a commercial basis. We can access the best of the New Zealand government’s intellectual property and know-how, and work in partnership with overseas governments to implement programmes of activities.

The steps in establishing a Government to Government Partnership with New Zealand often include:

  • presentations from key government and industry participants; 
  • a visit to New Zealand to examine the commercial partnership opportunities and see New Zealand expertise and systems in place;
  • entering into a commercial partnership agreement;
  • a G2G analyst spending time with the customer government to understand the issues and opportunities;
  • G2G developing a customised solution drawing on New Zealand intellectual property and practical learnings;
  • G2G working closely with the customer government on implementation.

While our primary focus is on developing commercial partnerships, we often find that these also provide a foundation for broader strategic cooperation between New Zealand and the customer country.

A G2G partnership approach lets customers benefit from real-world experience in implementing projects. It also provides the peace of mind that comes from contracting with a sovereign government.

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