New Zealand is recognised globally for its stable and successful governing environment, which has delivered a prosperous and innovative society. G2G Know-how gives other countries the ability to access New Zealand’s capabilities as they seek to grow their own.

In 2013, anti-corruption NGO Transparency International ranked New Zealand number one for its public-sector honesty and integrity. For eight consecutive years, New Zealand has ranked first or first equal in the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Extensive deregulation over several decades has reduced regulatory burdens and made New Zealand one of the world’s most efficient, competition-friendly economies. The 2013 World Bank Doing Business report ranked New Zealand third globally for ease of doing business and first for ease of starting a business. Meanwhile, the 2013 Global Peace Index named New Zealand one of the three most peaceful countries in the world.

We are a sovereign state with a democratic, parliamentary form of unitary government. The three branches of our legal system each has a separate role: the legislature (ie Parliament) makes the laws; the executive (ie the democratically elected Government) decides on policy and legislative proposals; and the independent judiciary (ie the Courts) applies the law, free from political interference.

A reputation for innovation

Innovation is a way of thinking and designing that leads to new products and services, smarter and more efficient ways of doing things and a point of difference that sets organisations apart. Where improvement is simply about doing the same thing better, innovation involves doing something different that leads to a new level of productivity.

New Zealand has a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products and services. We are active across many markets, leading the world in more traditional markets such as agriculture, fisheries and the environment – and providing cutting-edge clean technology and IT solutions needed for a sustainable and technology-rich future.

While innovation is embedded across New Zealand’s government, it’s also reflected in sport (including our All Blacks rugby team and our America’s Cup yacht design and sailing), engineering (the Hamilton Jet and the Britten motorcycle) and commerce (cloud- based technology companies such as Xero and Vend).


New Zealand is a world leader in protecting our natural resources and biodiversity.

We lead global research efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from primary production and, under recent legislation, became the first country to include agriculture in a domestic emissions trading scheme. We recognise the importance of demonstrating sustainable credentials to those who buy and use our goods, and have strict biosecurity and traceability systems.

We produce up to 75 percent of our electricity from renewable resources such as hydro, wind and geothermal power. This is targeted to rise to 90 percent by 2025 as we further harness our existing resources and utilise emerging resources such as biomass and tidal power.

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