New Zealand G2G Partnerships Limited (G2G) provides a way for overseas governments to access proven New Zealand know-how as they go about growing their own capability.

As a small but innovative country, New Zealand has had decades of experimentation in key areas of public policy. Many New Zealand solutions have gained a global reputation for being best in class.

New Zealand knows first-hand the challenges of growing the economy and understands the need to put pragmatic solutions in place. These can range from flexible but effective policy frameworks, through to environmental management and governance, and delivering large-scale infrastructure programmes.

A government to government partnership with New Zealand will focus on building capability and capacity in your country, through genuine joint-project teams. In New Zealand, the G2G team can connect you with key government agencies, as well as science, research and education institutes, and private sector participants. We can access the best expertise – both public and private – to develop a solution that works for you.

G2G’s focus is strongly on implementation. The New Zealand experience is that excellence in execution is just as important as good strategy. We bring a competitive advantage to every potential project, providing solutions based on real-world experience implemented within a sovereign country.

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